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Tired of constantly logging into recruitment websites and applying for jobs, or filling out what feels like an endless number of application forms? Well we have a solution for that! 

Just register once for your membership with My Virtual Self, invest 10 minutes of your time to create your virtual profile and allow our system to do the work for you. Based on the ‘Work Location’ and ‘Key Information’ drop down options that you select within your profile, your next job could find you. 

Businesses that subscribe to our platform will create a search string based on the skills and experience of the candidate that they are looking for. If the options that you have selected within your profile match their criteria, you will appear in their shortlist of suitable candidates. On review of your profile, the business can contact you via email to discuss a job opportunity that you may be interested in. 

Everyone wants to be shortlisted based on their skills and experience and no one likes to be discriminated against based on their age, gender, or race. The My Virtual Self platform has been designed with this in mind. When you sign-up as a member you will notice that you are not asked to provide any personal information about you. You are only asked to provide information that showcases your professional expertise to allow you to be shortlisted as a suitable candidate. 

Who can sell you as well as you can sell yourself? Your Virtual Self! 

To protect our members data, we recommend that members do not host their personal contact number and address on their CV, which you have the option to upload. Businesses will contact shortlisted candidates through the platform which will be sent to the email address you provide. 

You may not be actively searching for a new job but if you always keep your options open, a job that you didn’t even know existed may find you when you least expect it. 

Become a member of My Virtual Self and let your dream job find you! 

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