Is the world ready for your CV?


Is the world ready for your CV?

You’ve sat there for a long time, written and re-written your CV, your eyes are blurring, your head hurts and there’s a host of other activities you would prefer to be doing. It can be a long job building your CV and believe me, the desire to send it out as soon as you’ve finished is overwhelming. But don’t. Just stop.

Have you finished? Are you happy with it? Are you sure?

I know you want to press send and submit BUT what you need to do is sit back and breathe, move away from your desk and leave it overnight.

There is a lot of competition out there, so you need to make sure you have an error free CV as this is your personal brand and you are about to showcase it to the world. Spelling mistakes means that some CVs are thrown out, grammatical errors and missing information means that some CVs are ignored. Don’t let this be you.


You need to go back over your CV and look at it as if you were the employer. Would you hire you? Have you demonstrated all your skills in a logical and attractive way?

Read it back to yourself. Read it out loud. Ask a family member or friend to read it over. Print it out and take it in a different room or sit in the garden with it and leave the space it was created.

It’s very easy, after you’ve looked at something for a long time, to read a sentence in your head which looks great at a quick glance and realise you’ve missed out the word ‘and’.

As well as using fresh eyes to check for grammatical errors, spelling and punctuation, you need to check the message your CV is conveying:

  • Is your career goal clear? What do employers perceive your career goals to be?
  • Have you demonstrated your suitability to the job by the first half of page one?
  • Does your CV clearly show how you can help your target employer?
  • Do you easily display your skills and achievements?
  • Is the format consistent and visually appealing?
  • Is it easy to read, both in terms of skim reading and a deeper read?


Correct any mistakes and complete your final edit, then get ready to celebrate a job well done!

Your CV is your personal brand, it’s the opportunity for you to show and tell of your work achievements, of your ambition and your goals. Make sure you really resonate this information and you’ll appeal to a wider audience of employers.

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