Remove the fear of rejection


As part of my research when I was starting out with this concept, I talked to quite a number of people about their careers and about how they would go about finding a new role that put them, or kept them, on their desired career path. A topic we quite often discussed was why people stay in their jobs, even when it no longer gives them job satisfaction. One of the interesting reasons that was raised a couple of times was rejection. As humans, we don’t like to be rejected regardless if it’s in our professional or personal lives.

I talked to an individual in particular who, at the time, was looking for a new job. She was actively searching through job boards, at least a couple of times a week, and applying for the roles that she thought fit her experience and skill set. The thing’s that she struggled with the most was either not hearing anything back at all from companies, after applying for their role, or receiving the generic ‘Unfortunately you haven’t been successful on this occasion’ email. She then started to doubt if she was actually qualified for a lot of the jobs she was applying for, which then turned into not wanting to apply for the jobs she really wanted because of the fear of rejection.

By becoming a member of My Virtual Self, you can remove the fear of rejection by no longer putting yourself in a position that allows a potential employer to decide if they want to contact you or not. In fact, it’s the opposite way around. A potential employer will contact you, via your profile, about a job that they have available that fits your skills and experience. It’s then up to you if you decide to respond to them.

My Virtual Self is setting out to revolutionise the recruitment industry by putting the control in the hands of the job seeker, rather than the employer. Becoming a member of My Virtual Self allows you to create a profile that showcases your skills and experience, so that a potential employer can find you. Our platform allows businesses to search for certain key words and skills that job seekers can tag within their profile.

A members profile is easy to set-up and provides direction on what needs to be included to appear in an employer’s search criteria.
A job that you didn’t even know existed may find you when you least expect it.

Become a member of My Virtual Self and let your dream job find you!