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Subscribing to My Virtual Self allows businesses to make hiring their next team member quick, easy, and cost effective. For a small monthly fee, hiring managers and recruiters can log into their online portal and recruit as many team members as they like, without a cap on how many members can be viewed or contacted. 

Our platform is a hybrid between a typical job board and an applicant tracking system, with hundreds of members at our subscriber’s fingertips. 

Subscribing businesses can set-up a search string based on the set criteria of skills they are looking for and a shortlist of suitable candidates will appear. Subscribers can view each shortlisted members profile and contact those who they would like to discuss a potential job opportunity with. Being able to set-up a search string based on skills, experience, qualifications and more, allows businesses to onboard the right people with the right skills and attitude the first time around. 

Simply set the search criteria for your available job role and jump straight to your shortlist of suitable candidates. 

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