The side effects of Social Media


Social media can either be your best friend or your worst enemy. And this is no different to the world of work.

Social media is a great tool for anyone looking for a new job. If you’re technically able and digitally savvy you can do your research on a business, the employers, the employees, read reviews and discover a whole host of information right at your fingertips. But the thing we all forget, employers can do the same to you!

Now we know how everyone has those posts, you know, the ones where we had a great night out or a boozy weekend away, the posts that created some controversy, the one where a prank may have gone too far when you shaved off Susan’s eyebrows, or the post where you commented on your job. All of this is visible to your friends and family, but it is also visible to your future boss and colleagues.

I mean, this isn’t a big brother scenario or like the Truman Show so you don’t need to cover up your webcams or keep your curtains closed just yet, but when companies are looking to pay an employee to work for them, they will want to know who they’re bringing into the family.

Maintaining your online presence matters

Having a squeaky-clean LinkedIn profile and an impeccable online reputation is so important in this day and age. You never can be too careful. When it comes to social media, the personal and professional are often intertwined. There is no real difference between your ‘professional’ posts and your ‘personal’ ones, they come from you and you represent that brand.

Before you put anything on a public space, just sit back and think whether it is something you would be comfortable saying in front of your boss or colleagues. If the content does not pass that test, then it is simple – don’t post it.

Even if your social media content isn’t relevant or applicable to your day-to-day job duties, UK companies are within their legal rights to take action if they feel your representation harms the company.

Professionalise your social media profiles. Taking the time to monitor your professional brand online matters. One bad post can not only stop you from getting a job, but it could lose you your current job too.

Go and take a look through your social media accounts and think if you were an employer, would you hire you? Head to for more information and ‘how to’ tips to get your CV noticed.

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