Top tips to keep your mental health on track when job hunting is taking its toll



We all know the challenges of searching for jobs, some days aren’t going to be as positive as others.


We have some tips to help keep your mental health on track and keep your focus on point so you can keep going, even when it does start to get a bit tough.


  • The interview isn’t just about the employer. It’s also for you to decide if your potential employer sees and values your unique skillset & experience. Flip that mindset. Some jobs just aren’t right and the only way to know is to get an interview, see the space, meet the people and learn more about the job.


  • Get outdoors at least once a day, ground yourself in nature and take time just to breathe and not think. You don’t really need to exercise, just sitting outside is enough. If you do want to exercise, then good on you! Exercise releases endorphins to help all of your body and brain feel better.


  • At the end of each day write down what you have achieved, whether it’s applied for 6 jobs, made your dinner or just got through another day of job hunting. You’ll be surprised when you look back at your achievements at how much you’ve done each day.


  • Practice gratitude once a day. When you feel like you’re struggling, thinking about what you are thankful for helps to shift your energy.


  • Write an affirmation on how you want to feel and say or write it aloud each day, such as “My worth and value is not dictated by a job”.


  • In the evening switch off. Watch a feel-good film, a stand-up comedian or read a book. Whatever it takes to wind down and empty your mind. Stepping away from your job hunt is not a bad thing.




If you don’t get an interview then it’s not about you not being enough, it’s about the universe steering you to the position that is right for you.