What makes a winning My Virtual Self profile?


Are you wondering how to get yourself noticed? How to make your profile the best on the platform? How long it will take to find a job?

Well it’s easy! All you have to do is make yourself a cuppa, sit down in a quiet space for 10 minutes and let the words flow.

The My Virtual Self platform allows you to display your talent and skills whilst providing as much information as you can. There are a handful of drop-down boxes where you can select your industry, salary requirement, job location, as well as many other areas. Once you’ve selected an option for each category there is then a free text box.

This text box gives you the opportunity to write yourself essentially a covering letter to tell potential employers with their vacancies, why they should hire you with your specific talent.

You can upload a picture of yourself to your profile which gives employers a more personal touch and an idea of who you are. There is an option for you to include a copy of your CV as an attachment to your profile but the My Virtual Self platform acts as your CV and gives you the chance to elaborate on each role you’ve worked in, each qualification, each activity outside of work and give any information about your family or personal life you wish to share. Do you have any hobbies or additional talents outside of work? Write them down!

For those that would like to showcase examples of their work or a portfolio, we have also created a section which gives our members the opportunity to upload examples of their work to demonstrate your skills to Recruitment Consultants who want to talk to you.

The My Virtual Self platform is a unique and creative platform allowing people to find a job and attract recruiters and head-hunters to you, easily and simply!

It takes 10 minutes to set up your profile so put as much information into each section of your profile as you can. Then sit back and let your new job find you!

Head to www.myvirtualself.com for more information and to create your virtual profile.