What will Recruitment look like post Covid-19?


So 2020 wasn’t quite the year we’d all envisaged it to be. It hasn’t been full of magic and it hasn’t been full of a whole lot of joy, instead, we’ve almost encountered WW3, Brexit, a worldwide pandemic and now riots in America and we’ve still got 6 months left!


The world as we know it will change, people have changed, businesses have changed. We need to make sure that we adapt and tailor life to these changes so we don’t get left behind.


So what will recruitment look like post Covid-19? Well, it will be very different. You probably won’t be invited for a face to face interview. If you are, you’ll have to adhere to a strict social distance and no handshake. But never fear!


The majority of companies will now be moving more towards Zoom/Skype/Video interviews (which means you only have to put a smart top on). I’m joking, obviously for any interview please ensure you get fully dressed to put you in the right frame of mind.


How to portray yourself during a video call:


Now I am sure you’re probably well aware of how to conduct a video call, but we’ve put together some pointers just in case:


  • Find a quiet area to have your call. If you do go out in public then make sure there are no background noises. Conducting calls with people in coffee shops are a challenge as you often pick up a lot of the noise around you – more so than your voice.


  • Make sure you have a good internet connection. You don’t want to be halfway through selling yourself and your achievements and you freeze and sound like C3PO.


  • Get dressed as if you were attending a face to face – you see all the virtual home interviews conducted on the news and all people are suited and booted – it really helps. It gets you in the right frame of mind to flip into professional mode. Even if you are going to put your activewear back on afterwards, get dressed for the call.


  • Scenery – your potential employer does not want to see you sat on an unmade bed or sat in front of any posters, mugs or washing. You are now more likely to ‘virtually’ let people into your home so make sure what they’re seeing is what you want them to see. Set yourself up at a desk, dining table, coffee table and be aware of your surroundings.



These are just a few ideas for you to be aware of so you can get to grips with this new way of interviewing.


As we said, 2020 seems to be a big year of change – make sure you aren’t left behind.


Head to www.myvirtualself.com for more information and ‘how to’ tips.