Will working from home become the new normal?


With the impact of Covid-19, you or your team may be experiencing working from home for the first time. Working from home, if managed in the right way, has many advantages. When you discover the right routine that works for you, you may find you are more productive and can manage your workload around your lifestyle. Adopting this way of working can also increase employee satisfaction and retention.

When we start to return to normal it will be interesting to see how many businesses continue with this flexible working from home arrangement, and if it will become the new normal.

At My Virtual Self our business model is based around sustainability in the workplace, which means that all of our team members work from home.

We believe that businesses should contribute greatly to their impact on the environment and consider the need for all their employees to travel to one location on a daily basis. Reducing the number of team members that you have travelling to work, reduces the number of vehicles on the road which reduces your businesses carbon footprint.

We also believe very strongly in supporting our employees with their mental health and that their job should work around their lifestyle, rather than the other way around. The 9-5 office hours that we have come to adopt doesn’t fit with most lifestyles anymore and hasn’t moved on in the same way the demands and expectations our personal lives have.

Our remote working policy allows our team to be flexible with their working hours, in line with delivering against our client’s expectations. As an example, if a member of your team doesn’t have any support with the school drop off or pick up, that shouldn’t matter. Some of our team have adopted a working pattern that involves dropping their children off at school and then work during the hours until they pick their children up in the afternoon. They then spend the afternoon with their families and carry on working again in the evening once their children have gone to sleep. This is a far more efficient and sustainable way of working, rather than having to be at an office at 9 o’clock and can’t leave until 5 o’clock, or control what happens in between those hours.

Click here to view our Sustainability Policy and find out more about how we are reducing our impact on the environment.

Madelaine Cook

Founder & CEO

My Virtual Self Limited

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